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Jewel Tone Latex
Pearl Tone Latex
Neon Latex
Modelling Balloons
Custom Colours

Colour charts available for Decorators Qualatex balloons  

Click for on line catalogue           Available types of latex ballons

Jewel -Tone Translucent balloons in bright colours.
Opaque balloons with a pearlised surface.
Stockprints for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, &Themes.

Fashion-Tone Opaque balloons in pastel colours..
Opaque balloons, including pastel colours.
Neons Opaque balloons in bright, neon colours.
Heart shape balloons in many colours

Modelling Balloons  260Q, 160Q, 350Q, Bee Body, Geo blossom

Balloon sizes

Latex balloons are available in

sizes from 5 inches to 3 foot

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