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Everything for the professional decorator from basic inflators

to Digital inflators. Full range of accessories and spares.


Here a are a few examples of inflators available from the Conwin catalogue


Classic Inflator

Convenient and reliable with guage.

featuring handtight connections and

ribbon cutter.



Precision Plus

First choice for all professionals. This inflator allows you inflate foils

to the perfect size and pressure without bursting.

Features a separate outlet for manual latex inflation.

Handtight connection, ribbon cutter.


Dual Split-Second sizer

The digital control panel lets you easily set and adjust the inflation

time in tenths of a second. Work with Helium, Nitrogen, and Air.

Inflate one or Two balloons simultaneously to identical sizes.


Duplicator 2

Automatically inflates latex balloons at the touch of a foot pedal

Separate foil outlet automatically inflates foil balloons.

Can be powered by Helium, Nitrogen, and Air.



Precision Air

Automatically sizes air-filled latex without heavy cylinders.

Powerful motor with digital controls accurately sizes two airfilled balloons simultaneously at the touch of the foot pedal.

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